‘Making Joy’ Embroidery Kit


This little ‘Making Joy’ Embroidery Kit hoop by Cotton Clara is in the hottest colour combination, blush pink and cherry red and it’s design is reminiscent of a vintage patch.

It just says what Cotton Clara is all about, making joy through making, the joy of making, this is us! This hoop is stitched up using a simple backstitch, it’s beginner friendly because it uses only this basic stitch to complete the simple pattern.

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All these hoops come with wadding to go in the back (this makes them look extra plush once you’ve stitched them), a wooden disc to finish of the back nice and easily, of course, needle and thread and full instructions!

This hoop is 11cm diameter and is packaged in our signature yellow packaging so it’s ready to gift or just a joy to receive yourself!

The kit is packaged in a kraft box with a sticker designed to tell show you exactly what’s in the kit. This would make a lovely addition to a package of crafty bits you might compile for a friend?