Best Years Knitted Dinosaur Diplodocus Toy


This cute and cuddly Best Years Knitted Dinosaur Diplodocus Toy has such a character. He is suitable from birth and totally fabulous! The Diplodocus had one of the smallest brains of the dinosaur family, though it was much bigger that than of the Stegosaurus which had a brain the size of a walnut! It didn’t need to be the brightest as it had no natural enemies, perhaps because of its sheer size or maybe because it looks so friendly?



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  • Approximate size: height 29cm x length 32cm
  • Suitable from birth and machine washable.
  • 100% acrylic
  • Ethically sourced


About Best Years

Best Years have been specialising in making toys for over 10 years. They claim to be the first people to introduce knitted dinosaurs to the world! They are an ethical company and ethical sourcing is at the core of all their products so they found a great factory to make the first knitted toys and now they have hundreds, still working with the same people they met all those years ago. So whether you are looking for a great toy for your child, or specifically for a Fairtrade and/or organic toy they have a great selection for you to choose from. All the toys are tested to CE.