Here you will find our End of Bolt & Remnants of our lovely cotton fabrics.

We will keep adding bits and pieces to this category – so keep checking back for a bargain or to grab that previously sold out fabric that we have discovered!

Just a quick note about how the listings work – all our stock is integrated with our till system where our fabric is listed per cm for flexible selling in-store. You’ll see that most of the prices listed for the product are much less that in the title – this is because it’s showing the price per CM not the whole amount listed.

Once you click on the listing you’ll see that the amount of fabric is listed in cm – for example if the listing is for 1 metre of fabric there will be 100 in stock – once added to the basket you’ll see the cost will match the price listed in the product title.

Sorry if this looks a little confusing – it’s the only way we can list them!

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