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Learning to Crochet at Bibelot

So last Saturday was quite an experience for me. I have been part of the Bibelot team now for almost a year and I have taught my dress making working shops here for over 3 years. This time however I was given the opportunity to take part in a workshop and learn a new skill.

A skill I have always wanted to master is crochet. I’ve tried using books, tried watching videos on youtube, convinced friends to try to teach me, you name it! However it never seemed to stick with me. I get into a mess, get frustrated and the basket of pretty wool that I’m desperate to do something with, is resigned to the corner to collect dust.

I arrived for the workshop 15 minutes early as advised to a warm welcome and a hot cup of tea. My group were friendly and we all introduced ourselves and told each other and our workshop leader Sophia why we wanted to take part in the workshop and learn to crochet.

After a brief introduction we hit the ground running tackling the chain stitch. Sophia was fantastic demonstrating every step with the biggest crochet hook and yarn I have ever seen, it was so effective.

We moved onto a chain stitch flower and we all seemed quite impressed with ourselves despite all being absolute beginners.

After a very yummy light lunch, served on the cutest vintage china & lots of getting to know each other, we all prepared ourselves to double crochet . . . not as scary as I had originally convinced myself!

This stitch took me longer to get the hang of but I noticed we were all learning at different rates and excelling in different areas. Sophia was great in giving us all individual attention whilst keeping us together as a group.

After another cup of tea and a sugar rush from being served the most delicious cake, we were all ready for the next step. The treble stitch! Drum roll please! This was by far my favourite stitch. It took a while to master but soon Sophia was encouraging me to try a granny square.

I didn’t quite get to finish my square in the time, although many did (lets blame my chatty nature), however Sophia provided us with the tools (a ball of beautiful Rowan yarn and a crochet hook) and information to take home. I did indeed finish my granny square and I have finished quite a few more since . . . it’s very addictive!

All in all a great way to spend the day. I have referred back to my workshop booklet quite a few times since to successfully get me out of a pickle. I know quite a few ladies used their 10% off voucher from the workshop to purchase more hooks and yarns too.

After years of failed attempts I cannot explain how valuable it was to have someone so friendly and knowledgeable there with you, guiding you step by step but also allowing you to just have a go! I did make a few mistakes but I’m glad I did because Sophia was there to help me deal with them.

I can’t wait to attend another workshop here at Bibelot, it was such a wonderful experience from start to finish and so nice to see it from a students perspective. It has definitely given me ideas on how to make my sewing workshops even better!

Holly 😉 xx

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